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look at the rangers and the angels. >> as far as this year, determination and ethic, you have to continually try to get better. if you remain neutral, you are losing ground. our focus this year is to try to find what we were defish the in last year and get better. >> reporter: too -- defishtent last year -- deficient last year and get better. >> reporter: last season, it was about the comebacks and the victories. joe fonzi has more on the as life of pi. >> reddick. left center field. and that is going to get down. he hits it. this baby is over! >> okay. here they come. [laughter] >> reporter: it's something the as did more than any other team in the major leagues last year. they came on bloop hits. they came on sacrifice flies. >> that should be deep enough. >> reporter: and they came on home runs. >> high and deep to left. >> reporter: including the postseason, the as had 15 walkoff wins. when you develop a track record like that, the team starts to feel it's never out of a game. >> you watch some of those games, if the guys didn't hustle in the 9th inning on a routine ground
are awake at this hour. seriously, why are you up? tweet me@peter alexander. still ahead, texas rangers pitcher, yu darvish looking to make history. the final out just one battle between you and history. we'll show you how it ends in sports. the diving video. i missed this. louie giving it another go for the reality show "splash" this time. that and a quick look at weather when we come back. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. heart-healthy, whole grain oats. to try on these amazing depend silhouette briefs. oh, it's cheryl burke! who's this guy? security. cheryl, hi! i know you don't need one but would you try on the depend silhouette for charity? right now? under this? why not? for charity? now's the perfect time, cause with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits and feels just like underwear. even doing the chacha. whaaat? ok, america. cheryl burke tried the depen
division. >> the oakland as have shocked the rangers and the basketball world. >> the art of managing has changed over the years. the as have gone from billy martin to dick williams and all points in between which work with yesterday's players to varying degrees. this time around, it's the very now bob melvin who seems to be the perfect fit for players of this era. his relaxed personable approach most certainly contributed to all the come backs of last season. >> there's a shot to left and that baby is gone. >> creating an atmosphere of less stress during the high tension late innings. his style, certainly works for him. >> i pinch myself to think that a guy with this kind of qualities was available to us and was unemployed. now we have a professional working relationship and personal relationship too which i sympathy unique between a general manager and manager. we're almost the same age. we played in the same area error. >> he's a good person. when you have someone like him that is your manager and leader that understands the game, he understands personality people. he's a communique to
every year to escape into nature. but crime has been found to have found a way in. what the rangers have their hands full when compared to other national parks. >> yeah, it's a park, roughly the size of rhode island. but most flock to a 7 square area mile, that is where we found most crime occurring. one of the biggest problems, drug possession. but that's not all. >>> with the highs of half dome. lows of the merced river, running through the valley. it's another beautiful day in yosemite national park. >>> bags are in the camp kitchen. >> for campers malcolm morgan and his daughter, mia, visiting. >> we are comparing it to disney land, you see more happy faces here than you did in disney land. >> but he found not so family friendly activities near his campsi campsite. >> we detected the odor of pot. >> he is not the only one. rangers arrested or cited nearly 900 visitors for drug possession, out of the roughly 3 million traveling into the park. up 18% from five years ago. >> i don't think that we have drug dealers on the corners or anything like that. >> she spends most of her time patr
of you may be wondering exactly why am i here, what's a ranger doing up here during fleet week. i'll try to explain that a little bit. this is our 40th anniversary of having a national park in san francisco. so, those strikev lands at the golden gate hills right behind that helicopter there are now part of the golden gate national parks. and that happened 40 years ago when the army decided that those lands were no longer necessary for national defense. so, that strategic entrance to this harbor was the last land that our troops and sailors and marines and soldiers would see if they departed for the pacific theater in world war ii and korea and vietnam, and also the first thing they would see upon returning back to the bay area. so, between the presidio and the head lands, we now have wonderful park lands that have been converted. we call it converting from post to park. repurposing those lands from national defense to environmental defense. and i believe it is probably the most accessful base conversion in the united states. if you haven't been to the presidio, i think you should try and
us again to win the a.l.s., which is good for us. you look at the rangers and the angels. >> as far as this year, determination and ethic, you have to continually try to get better. if you remain neutral, you are losing ground. our focus this year is to try to find what we were defish the in last year and get better. >> reporter: too -- defishtent last year -- deficient last year and get better. >> reporter: last season, it was about the comebacks and the victories. joe fonzi has more on the as life of pi. >> reddick. left center field. and that is going to get down. he hits it. this baby is over! >> okay. here they come. [laughter] >> reporter: it's something the as did more than any other team in the major leagues last year. they came on bloop hits. they came on sacrifice flies. >> that should be deep enough. >> reporter: and they came on home runs. >> high and deep to left. >> reporter: including the postseason, the as had 15 walkoff wins. when you develop a track record like that, the team starts to feel it's never out of a game
him. no link has been made among any of the murders but the police, fbi agents and texas rangers and deputy its are all investigating. rick levinthal joins us with more on this this. a brand new release inform is the public about the latest on this and you have to for us. >> he said as a former soldier he was prepared for the worst. he also said that he carried a gun even while walking the dog. but he apparently -- it wasn't enough. he was at home. he said he took extra care in answering the door. somehow at least one gunman got in and killed the d. a. and his wife reportedly with an assault wifele. a joint investigation now involving local state and federal agencys. >> it is unnerving to the community at large and that is why we are striving to assure the community that we are still providing public safety and we will be able to do that. >> the sheriff said that extra security will be posted at the courthouse where mcclelland work when this opens tomorrow, harris. >> harris: a lot of information there about other people killed. the colorado head of corrections there and then als
, power rangers are all the rage. i know the power rangers, ok? so we could start talking about power rangers, which leads into talking about colors, which leads into talking about respect and teamwork. so it's--and each child is unique, you know. some still like the barbie dolls. i know barbie, you know. i was just at the historical museum the other day, so i picked up on a lot of new toys that we can talk about or extend on or, "did you know your mother used to play with this game?" so they usually give me what they need. they give it to--they let me know when they come in. "i like this. i like cake. i like pie. i don't want to come to school today because i'm bored." and my response is, "well, you know what? "the time to tell your parent "that you don't want to come to school "is when you get up in the morning, "because once you're in my classroom, you're mine. "and we're going to have fun today, so come on in here. let's go." woman: do you have to make the hole bigger or smaller to make your finger fit? child: make it bigger. second child: we can make this one bigger. hendrick: bu
games yu darvish 1 out from perfect game the texas rangers yu darvish is one out away from a perfect game in houston agaist the astros but with two outs in the 9th marwin gonzalez the number-nine hitter grounds a single right through darvish's legs and into centerfield darvish up to 111 pitches leaves after that at bat. he retired 26 straight and had 14 strike outs but comes up just short the astros actually got another hit before being retired. the rangers won the game 7-0 49ers sign asomugha the 49ers signed cornerback nnamdi asomugha to a one- year contract with that could pay him as much as $3 million this season. a former all-pro with the raiders, asomugha was released by the philadelphia eagles after two disappointing seasons. he had signed a 5-years, $60 million deal with them. asomugha who also played at cal, won't sign the contract until tomorrow because he was busy touring bay area colleges today as part of a program he runs for high school students. the raiders introduced their new quarterback todaymatt flynn who was russell last year flynn has been a backup for his five s
. yu darvish struck out astros. the rangers had five no-hitters in history. darvish appeared ready to add to it until there were two outs in the ninth inning. >> looking for number six and the second perfect game. gonzalez, base hit. swing it. gonzalez went back through. >> oh, so close. darvish threw his hands up spoiling the no-hitter. the rangers got the 7-0 win. in women's basketball, notre dame beat duke to move on and face connecticut in sunday's final four. >>> another upset win for louisville to advance to the final four. the cardinals knocked off tennessee. they face california on sunday. baylor superstar could get a chance to play against men in the nba. dallas mavericks owner, mark cubin says he might take her. he added that will sell out a few games. i think it would. shaquille o'neal was at lakers when they retired his number. >>> here is nbc meteorologist bill karins with a check or, what is that, rain going on? >> we wish it was. i was trying to ignore it. the scene in up state new york is ugly. a lot of snow yesterday. it was cold and windy. snow showers throughout
, an electrifying start. the rangers have had five no-hitters in their history, and he was looking to add to that until the ninth inning. >> yu darvish looking for number six and the second perfect game. gonzalez up the middle, base hit! gonzalez right back. >> so close. darvish threw his hands up after the ball just went between the glove and his legs. he left the game but the rangers got the 7-0 win there. >>> in women's college basketball number one seed notre dame beat duke to move on and face connecticut in sunday's final four. another upset to tell you about, for five seed louisville to advance to the final four after beating baylor, the cardinals knocked off two seed tennessee 86-78. they face california on sunday. >>> baylor superstar britney griner could get a chance to play against men in the nba. mark cuban says he just might take her in the nba draft and added that would sell out a few games. >>> nba legend shaquille o'neal was in los angeles as the lakers retired his number 34. former teammates and lakers fans applauded that honor. >>> mick jagger, meatloaf, bieber's monkey a
walking down the beach. >> reporter: we accompanied some park rangers to see how they are protecting local residents. >> i'm on a both on the way to catch a crocodile. >> they catch them to control their population. tim has been in this line for work for the last 33 years. he lost two fingers on his left hand to the quick jaws of a salt water croc. >> i like crocodiles, there is something special about them, but they are dangerous. there will be another fatality and we try to keep it down as much as possible. >> rangers set traps in inlets where crocodiles like to feed. once a week they check the traps. they say although they're fully aware of the danger, he feels the animal should not be hunted to the point of extinction again. >> they are certainly of value to landholders. they're worth so much money for tourism, crocodile farms, so we must have coexistence between the public and crocodiles. >> preservation efforts resulted in situations where crocodiles intrude into residential areas and present a danger to the public. local residents continue to search for the right balance to coexist
to the rangers and fans were a little upset, but none more than this little guy. >> i don't care if it's just hockey. >> baby. but we can still be a fan of his. >> i know. >> he will just be on the rangers now. >> but then every time we play against him, they are going to fight against him. >> that kid was not happy. well today he was happy. he got to meet the sharks before a game. he met dan boyle and reminded dan that he has yet to win a stanley cup and got to pose with brodie brazil. he was happy there and he was happy at home tonight. the game was good. sharks up 1-0, got tic, tac, toe, and after minnesota made it 2-1, knocking the puck down and up on the boards findi ining ha in front of the net. the nfl schedules are out, the 49ers open up at home against the packers. and andrew luck and the colts come call engi-- calling in wee three, and a pair of games that you can see right here. make sure to tune in to comcast sportsnet bay area saturday, the warriors take on the nuggets in game one of their series. more news after this. >> i want to show you a photograph, just came in from our aff
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in the regular season, the postseason push is getting frantic. playoff atmosphere last night for the rangers and the islanders. scoreless, late in first period. thomas hickey turned aside by lundqvist. >> this is lundqvist at his best. the islanders came on a heavy charge against the new york rangers, but he held them off. >> second period, ryan cal athan with the open net. and in overtime, derrick broussard for the goal. and lundqvist gets the first shutout of the year. lightning/caps, out to a quick start, leading 2-0. alexander ovechkin, seven goals in the last five games. he leads the league with 27. tampa is trailing 5-4. there was a back hander to force overtime. then it was washington in overtime. >> mike green ends up blasting away. and makes up for that. continues to be red hot. with another snipe for the caps. >> sharks/stars. dallas up 1-0. ray whitney tipped in by alex chasen. six goals in six games. the stars are streaking. the final 2-1. >>> a peek at the west standings shows that dallas jumps to the good side of the dividing line. the red
. >> is it as peaceful as it appears. >>> crime has crept its way into the park. we uncover that rangers have their hands full. elise? >> it's a park roughly the size of rhode island. but most walk through a seven square mile area. that's where we find most crime occurring. one of the biggest issues there. drug possession. that's not all. >> with the highs of half dome. lows of the mer sed river running through the valley, it's another beautiful day in yosemite national park. >> bags are in the camp kitchen, i think. >> for campers and his daughter visiting. >> we're comparing it to disneyland. we see a lot more happy faces here than we did in disneyland. >> but already, morgan has found not so family friendly activities near his campsite. >> when we first pulled in, setting up camp, we could detect an odor of pot. >> he's not the only one. we found in the last year, rangers cited nearly 900 visitors for drug possession out of the roughly 3 million travel into the park. up 18% from knifive years ago. >> i don't think that we've got drug dealers on the corners or anything like that. >> that's acting deput
batters and the rangers were 7th over the houston astros with their victory. >> it was very close. >>> 6:07 is the time. sal, how is the commute this morning? >> nearly perfect. >> nearly perfect? >> yes. >> good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well, there are certain isly people on the road but it is not that bad. it sits on the soldier and also metering lights are on for the 880 traffic and you can see road sensors will be going to the east shore which still looks good from vallejo to richmond. let's go to steve. >>> very good morning and fog is reducing visibility from santa rosa to salinas and we have a few high clouds and we will have a mostly sunny day and it is a good looking system and we need a little more dynamics to give us some rain. this may be worse than its bite and we will get some more out of it. higher clouds are already in place and we will have a look at this system but we had a little bit of rain and it is lit up in a big way. these are coming off what is called a dry line and you start to pick up the moisture
are almost here, two goalies, one goal as the capitals and rangers get ready to face off. why one baseball player felt he needed to pie himself last night. >>> plus, the latest issue with steven strasburg's >>> you're watching news 4:00 at of. >>> and hello everybody, and welcome back, right now meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm system. take a look at the region, no real storms, but there is one storm bringing all the cloud cover across the region. evening forecast tonight, 59 degrees, cloudy, a little bit on the wet side. some of the rain now pushing out of the d.c. metro region. 58 at 7:00. 57 by 9:00 and 11:00, cloudy skies, expect to see more clouds and drizzle as we make our way through the evening hours. and expect the temperatures to stay about the same. they will drop maybe one or two or three degrees. 61 at leesburg, reston and herndon, 50, and crownsville, coming in at 59. the storm team 4 radar showing the shower activity. you can see a lot of grain here, not everybody seeing the rain, but if you are, it continues with the drizzle. calvert county and to the west, montgome
their american league debut against the rangers. scoreless game in the bottom of the fourth. justin max well drills one to left field. is it gone? oh, that's a really high wall, isn't it? it stays just barely in the park. high off the wall. two runs come around to score. max well ends up with a triple. this one's gone. three-run bomb to right. the astros, who are expected to be horrible this year, go on to win 8-2. they have the lowest payroll in the league this year at under $25 million. that's about what a. rod makes and he's not playing the first half of the season. the rangers had $127 million. we'll talk much more about today's opening day with peter gammons and joe russo. >>> there's an alarming surge of adhd. we'll discuss whether we as a nation are over medicating our kids. >>> and we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler where google is taking the heat for a google doodle. "way too early" is coming right back. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at leg
's don't come from food stock. >> up next yosemite park rangers welcome back a young girl who stole or borrowed two sticks what. she did on her visit. >> the search for computer programmers is competitive and how the super geniuses are taking a page to get the first deal. >> we can see clear conditions now but costal fog is making a come back. >> this is the traffic at 4:36. 680 north is oncoming traffic slowing down just a bit as it normally does. going southbound back towards walnut creek and 24. stay with us. >>> a young girl who took two sticks and then mailed back two sticks from vos sem ti has made am yends to mother nature. the rangers responded to the letter. >> she wrote she was a junior park ranger and knew not to take things and picked a spot to return the sticks back to earth. >> she named one of the sticks tree because it looked like a tree trunk to her n hawaii local woz tell visitors don't lake lava rock from the big island because it will made mad yaum pele angry. you won't like mad yaum pele when she's angry. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. we've got sunny skie
tenemos un partido de los rangers de texas v/s astros. >> cerramos con una obra armada con piezas de lego, este hotel cuenta con 250 habitaciones, que se refieren a temas tematicos, tiene una piscina, bar, habitaciones, y la apertura esta programa par el próximo 5 de abril. >> ahora nos quedamos para ver "aquí y ahora". >> gracias por acompañarnos.
to 3 park rangers on patrol all the time. >> one in candlestick park and two other parks? how did we let that happen? i'm being a little bit rhetorical. this seems inadequate. we have vandalism in our parks >> i don't have an answer other than the fact that, you know, we are under resource and the public function of our park patrol officers but there are certain specific needs that our park officers are better able to address than police officers. >> i'm not criticizing we set our budget the board of supervisors and the mayor so ultimately we're responsibility and i think it's pretty xoirld. i think half the time in the parks are picking up track because people leave their trash everywhere. if we have better practical we would have accountability like people leaving their trash everywhere. i think it's important we get you more park patrol officers. i did not we want police officers dealing with tickets and stuff so to me those seem like the big gaps we've created over time in terms of lack of gardeners and patrol officers i'd like to see that reversed >> thank you for the great p
. >> i will stay away from the comments on both of those. >> cattle rangers are giving their live stock hormones and fish arms are giving fish hormones and as a result, they awn have to give them antibotics because of infection. i want to know if the meat or fish i am eating is coming from a country that gives live stock excessive amounts of hormones. >> don't we have food inspectors to do that. i really want to see the picture on the side. >> we have food inspectors but they don'tulate the levels of hormones in our food. why not. >> and i want to know that. >> because it is compelling. in a free market producers compete to provide the information and goods and services that they want . when the government regulates that. is that low level of standard. they think it is approved by the government. >> i as a consumer want to know if the meet from mexico is begin hormones. did is my right to know. >> tracey why stop at beef. is it going to be chicken and corn. likes. the label is going to be a mile longg. you will not buy anything. you will eat grass because that is only thing safe. look.
in college when the texas rangers made him the team's number-one draft choice, with a signing bonus of $810,000. but before he signed on the dotted line, the team's trainer saw this photograph of dickey on the 1996 u.s. olympics team and thought that his throwing arm was bent at a funny angle. so, he sent r.a. for an m.r.i. that found... >> r.a. dickey: i didn't have the existence of an ulnar collateral ligament in my right elbow, which is the ligament that holds the elbow together.>s said, "without the ligament, we don't want you." >> r.a. dickey: i was sitting across from the general manager of the rangers, and he said, "you know, we don't think we want to sign you now." and it was all i could do... it took a supernatural peace to... for me to not to leap over the desk and pummel him. >> stahl: eventually, the rangers offered him a contract, but for a lot less money-- only $75,000. he started out as a classic fastball pitcher, but he kept flopping on the big league mound and being sent back to the minors. you'd be great in the minors, and they'd call you up and then you'd get into the big
by the rangers last spring. washington is the best power play team in the league, new york is the best -- the least penalized. ice.ab's have home do not even think about the cut yet. it is anne knows unspoken thing. until you get a little bit closer, you do not want to put too much emphasis on the stanley cup. >> tonight in the nba, watching him go through two defenders. kevin durant with the play of the night. or is it? you be the judge. here is nate robbinston. watch him move troops moved to the bucket. with the now you see me, now you don't. and anytime joe gibbs comes to town, we like to talk football and racing. his chief mechanic was fined for having an illegal and in our connecting bar. his hearing is set for may 8. the redskins' former gm? he said the redskins will give back to the super bowl next season. what do you think about what bobbi said? >> that is bobbi. he would say that about me. but i'm not going to do what bobbi would say. we are going to win this super bowl this year. and i go, why are you saying that? i'm not going to do that to coach shanahan. >> so they are goi
that was almost history. the baseball battle for texas. rangers and astros from houston. yu darvish on the mound for texas, and, yeah, his fans made the trip. he wouldn't disappoint. perfect through eight innings. bottom of the ninth, first up, jason castro, that's not going to do it. darvish, out number 25. two away from perfection. carlos corporan rolling over to second. darvish, pitch count getting up there, doesn't matter. one out away from perfect. marwin gonzalez. marwin gonzalez who? marwin gonzalez, the guy who broke up the perfecto. darvish still gets the win, 7-0. >>> rangers, let's go to the nba. erik spoelstra and the heat. no lebron james, no d-wade. hosting the knicks who have won eight straight. that meant plenty of carmelo anthony. anthony didn't have a single attempt in the paint. all of his shots were jumpers. average shot more than 20 feet. he still shot darn near 70%. he was 7 of 10 from three. anthony into the fourth. daring a three with shane battier in his face, didn't matter. knicks up 7. all d-wade and lbj can do is watch in street clothes. then they would watch anthony
? federal and state resources to bringing these killers to justice? >> the texas rangers, fbi rangers, fbi, local and state law enforcement are working on the case diligently and also the small counties so they need more resources from the state now the feds have been asked to come in. lou: we were first told the implication that was the area and brotherhood then what i have not heard in my career is a connection, alliance solid relationship between the brotherhood in the mexican drug cartels and authorities looking at that as perhaps this source of the killers. >> it looks to me it was an organized criminal activity ed gain of some type whether the drug cartel or the aryan brotherhood that the d.a.'s office was investigating or they were working together to the intimidation and murder like they do in mexico they kill the judges judges, the police chief and and and it's the criminal investigation that all-night happen in the united states so they could be working together in this criminal enterprise. lou: texas is unique that it is one of the safest places in the country the border cities
by the powerful sportsman 850 ho. value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-horsepower, ranger xp 900. polaris. hardest working, smoothest riding. huge rebates and low financing are available right now during the polaris xp sales event. >>> fox news alert. we just got word from reuters news service that the federal public defenders office in boston is seeking to represent the marathon bombing suspect, just arrested last night. that has just hit the wires. and it comes as top republicans, look at this photo, a little tough to make out, but had is the suspect as he was apprehended last night, it comes as top republicans urged president obama to hold this suspect as an enemy combatant. that would deny him legal rights under the laws of war. is that the way to go? joining me now, jay, chief counsel for law and justice, and julia, democratic strategist and former chief counsel of the house judiciary committee. you have two extremes here. you have folks like the the aclu, to be afforded all the same rights an
a car. give him the car keys. see you later. can i have them, please. >>> no. 1, rangers up 4-2 in the ninth. bases loaded and look at craig. the game-saving catch. the game-saving catch. rangers win 4 to,, morning at 4-30. ,,,,,,,,,,
. >>> no. 1, rangers up 4-2 in the ninth. bases loaded and look at craig. the game-saving catch. rangers win 4 to 2. you know he rhode all the way to lexington. oh, forget it. we'll be right back. morning at 4-30. . >>> letterman is next with jim carey. our next news cast tomorrow morning, 4:30. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway broadcasting across the nation and around the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, balloonist and aerial photographer, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme )
and rangers faced off in arlington. no love for former outfielder josh hamilton. listen to those boos. maybe he should have tried for that ball in the playoffs. stepped into the batter's box, much to the fans' delight he made the final out. rangers win, 7-3 taking two of three there in the series. >>> in the national league, the mets showing some grit and will be fun to root for. >> in comes tay had da. >> won in a walkoff scoring two runs in the bottom of the ninth to win it, 4-3. the mets are now 4-2. feel-good story of the season so far tied for second there in the east. >>> this week, we will witness golf's equivalent to the super bowl, the masters. while much of the focus will be on tiger woods' quest for another green jacket. over the weekend it was their most distinguished new member the talk of the course, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. in her green jacket was at the course yesterday meeting with fellow members. earlier in the day she hit the links with three-time masters champion phil mickelson and according to lefty, she was "awesome. even sinking what he described as
in the past two years they square off, the capitals and rangers. the capitals beat this team? -- how do the cavs beat this team? the rangers eliminated them in game 7 a year ago. >> we know this team. they played hard last year you got to be disciplined and the guys have to believe we can win. at 7:30 p.m.rts and will be fun to watch. >> coming up next on abc7 news at >> a special lineup tonight for a local police officer killed in a car accident. >> officer chrissy young's named was placed on the memorial tonight just four months after his death. fellow and family and officers gathered to pay tribute. >> for month after officer chris killed, a somber group gathered to honor him. old officer died on duty new year's eve. he responding to a call when he was struck and killed by the driver of a 2001 dodge caravan. today, his name was unveiled on the national law enforcement memorial in washington. >> chris had an infectious smile. he impacted everyone he met. he did not go through anything will dairying countered with people that he dealt with, without letting them experience that's file.
facilities on the national mall earlier in the evening and it's looking into eliminating a late- night ranger hours as well. ranger stations and nearby restrooms right now are open until almost 11:30 until midnight. the park service is considering closing those facilities now it 10:00 tonight. the monuments themselves would stay open. spokesperson says the proposed cuts are not related to sequestration. on this, 55 degrees tuesday morning. >> ahead, we are continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombing with a warning about scams. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> [man's voice on audio] multiple people down here. i don't know what the cause is. stand by. >> 117-year-old tradition and turning into a war zone. a lot of questions right now as to who is behind monday's deadly bombings at the boston marathon. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, april 16. i am scott thuman. >> i'm greta kreuz, in for cynne simpson. our coverage of the explosion will continue in a moment. first, traffic and weather. meteorologist jacqui jeras. good to see you. >> good morn
moment. texas rangers hugh darvish retired the first 26 batters he faced. he appeared completely invincible until up came little known marwin gonzalez, a career .244 hitter. watch. >> gonzalez with a base hit! >> right up the middle. a clean single right through the legs. it breaks up the 24th perfect game in history. so darvish was pulled. they brought in a relief pitcher, and the rangers win. >> and he still gets to keep his $107 million. >> he still gets the money, but that was brutal. >>> a woman who talked about enjoying her private life a few months ago, hillary clinton is spending a lot of time in the public eye. a sign perhaps? we're trying to read between the lines next. welcome to the new new york state. what's the "new" in the new new york? a new property tax cap... and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over 250,000 new private sector jobs were created over the last two years. and 17 straight months of job growth. with the most private sector jobs ever. lower taxes,
is -- >> "back to the future"? >> my only problem is the rangers lost. every time the rangers lose a baseball game, he puts out a press release saying this loss could very well lead to the choking of our freedoms and the creation of a national gun registry. >> come on! come on! >> i'm understanding a lot of people are suggesting on washington and capitol hill could lead to a national gun registry. >> joe, something that senator -- >> the chicken weed in your backyard, if you don't take care of that chicken weed by night fall tonight, my friends, we could very well have a national gun registry! my friends, freedom is dying today! >> i'm fascinated. >> today, the national gun registry is going to be created. texas rangers understand the weight that you're carrying on your shoulder. mike, the very constitution of the united states depends on the rangers winning every baseball game or national gun registry, my friends! a national gun registry is going to be created! >> too early! >> tonight pass immigration reform, mike. the national gun registry will be created. do not save medicare. the nationa
. value-minded side-by-sides featuring the new ranger 800 midsize. and full-size workhorses including the all-new, class-leading, 60-horsepower, ranger xp 900. polaris. hardest working, smoothest riding. huge rebates and low financing are available right now during the polaris xp sales event. >> bill: in the a r. we crazy segment tonight. at the beginning of the program you heard the mother of the two boston terrorists say her son is completely innocent and her father says that as well. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them. but they did. they framed them and then they were so cowardly that they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that after your conversation with the american officials, do you now accept that it was your children who carried out the attacks in boston? >> no. i don't. and i won't. never. >> bill: question is tonight, are these parents nationals. dr. bonnie for forester and here in the studio dr. wendy walsh. we all know parents who senator how bad kids behave and what their kids do don't admit it and make excuses. that's what th
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on this the opening day of the 2013 baseball season. tonight in houston the astros take on the texas rangers and the first game of the new season. the astros seen here taking batting practice. bp on friday. for those keeping score at home, the astros moved this season from the national to the american league. >>> it's something that happened in the ivy league that has a lot of people talking this weekend. a controversial suggestion that women at elite universities take advantage of the opportunity to find high-quality husbands at the schools. more tonight from nbc's initial -- michelle franzen. >> reporter: princeton alumnus susan patton says she was just giving women at the ivy league university the advice she would have wanted. >> here's what nobody is telling you. find a husband on campus before you graduate. yes, i went there. >> reporter: the mother of two sons, both princetonians published her opinion in the school's online paper after attending a women's leader ship conference on campus telling female students princeton and other top-tier universities offer them the best chance of fin
of noise bit american league. and the newcomers, the houston astros as they picked apart the texas rangers here tonight. they picked them 8-2. that was impressive. >> they said it was michigan and to bet louisville to win next weekend. >> what does vern say? >> vern goes where vegas goes. those guys are smart. >> that's it for us. thank you for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 here on kpix 5. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything.
in the american league getting some big hits including rick ankiel's three-run homer. the astros beat the rangers, 8-2. >>> major leaguers are getting new bats this season as well with a new logo for louisville sluggers. and a new design with a harder-hitting maple wood. >>> at the houston open, d.a. points makes the par putt on 18 to avoid a playoff and gets the one-stroke victory. and an invitation to the masters. >>> in the european challenge tournament in morocco, the danish golfer made a chip shot from a water hazard for which he had taken off, yes, his pants, socks and shoes to do. that's style points, i guess. >>> and usain bolt, the world's fastest man, won an exhibition race on the beach in rio dejanne dejannero, the host city of the next olympics. after the race, bolt even showed off some of his dance moves. >>> "early today sports" is brought to you by new just for men autostop. gray is over. >>> just ahead, what's leading the news today. >>> plus "g.i. joe" takes america by storm. >>> and one of the greatest music producers of all time has died. >>> welcome back. we are watching a lit
. texas rangers hunt for the killer of a district attorney and his wife, and prosecutors in colorado seek the death penalty for the gunman in the movie theater massacre. >> warner: from india, fred de sam lazaro reports on efforts to tackle violence against women, after the gang rape and murder of a medical student last year. >> any woman is subject to some kind of punishment. the men don't see it as harassment. >> woodruff: hari sreenivasan examines the case for and against using public money to help pay for private schools. plus, on the "daily download," the conversation about same sex marriage turns facebook red. >> it raises the visibility, i think, in a way that we haven't seen and probably energizes those who feel like this is the moment that gay marriage is finally getting cultural acceptance. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> more than two years ago the people of b.p. made a commitment to the gulf. every day since we've worked hard to keep it. today the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy
with a mystery and a manhunt unfolding right now. hundreds of fbi agents, texas rangers, u.s. marshals are joining forces trying to track down the person or the gang targeting law enforcement and their families. two weeks ago, a case in colorado. now in texas a second case. and a law enforcement official being gunned down. the question, are these cases connected? abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on the race to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: today throughout texas, fear and signs of tighter security. the kaufman county courthouse, employees being walked in by armed guard. no prosecutions here today. the district attorney's office is closed after the city's top prosecutor and his wife were murdered in cold blood saturday. they were shot multiple times with an assault rifle after an unknown gunman broke into their home. >> i would be less than honest if i told you that i was not worried. >> reporter: kaufman district attorney mike mclelland's murder came only months after one of his top deputies, mark hasse, was
rangers are not actively involved in the investigation. aljazeera. >> prosecutors say they want the death penalty for a man accused of a mass killing. james holmes is charged with shooting dead 12 people and injuring 70 at the screening of a batman film last year. prosecutors have rejected a plea deal to avoid execution. relationsormalise between kosovo's and another. at stake is being membership bid. both sides have to agree on who has authority. kuntsevo declared independence from serbia into thousand eight, declared independence. to kick-start the failing economy, this. -- the supreme government was looking for reforms. one involves lifting a ban on casinos. >> it is a gamble, but according to the president, casinos like this in the turkish north of cyprus could help solve -- their broken economy. the president plans to lift the ban on casinos to bring in the foreign currency as part of the plan to deal with the crippling conditions of the e.u. bailout. willing so, the president risk the wrath of the orthodox christian church. he attended mourning service on monday, marking the country
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